Webster Ready Start

2020 - 2021 Blueprint

The Webster Parish Early Childhood Ready Start Network serves 7 Early Learning Centers, 5 school sites, and 3 Head Start centers. During the 2020-2021 school year, we served 370 publicly funded seats (currently serving 514 during 2021-2022) in public school PreK, Head Start and Early Learning Centers.  In the last three years, we have noticed a decrease in the number of students served, but not significantly until the 2020-2021 school year due to COVID-19. Webster Ready Start Network’s 2020-2021 CLASS score, which measures quality teacher-child interactions, averaged (5.26), which is in the high proficient range.  Our Emotional Support, Classroom Organization, and Emotional and Behavioral Support CLASS scores are in the High Proficient/Excellent range for all site types, while our Instructional Support and Engaged Support for Learning CLASS scores fall in the Approaching Proficient/Proficient range for each site type for 2020-2021.  This indicates a need for additional professional development in these two areas.  In the Spring of 2020, we became a part of Cohort 3 Ready Start Network initiative.  We are currently forming our Ready Start Network Advisory Council who will work collaboratively to execute a bold local vision to improve opportunities and inspire change for children birth to age five.  Council members will focus on improving the quality, accessibility, and affordability of early childhood services throughout our network.  The LDOE Birth to 3 seats initiative was implemented this year and Webster Ready Start has provided tuition free high quality childcare to 40 families in our community.

Webster Ready Start Goals


Goal 1

 Increase Birth-3 seats by 5% per year by 2024-2025 to insure
families have access to affordable, high quality early childhood care and
education in Webster Parish.


Goal 2

 Increase the overall CLASS average by 0.05 points by the
2021-2022 performance profile release in the fall of 2022.




Goal 3

Develop a digital strategy to increase community awareness of the
early childhood programs available in the Webster Ready Start Network by

Strategic Plan

Please select the purple plus circles in each section to learn more about each goal.

Goal 1:

● Request coordinated funding for PDG seats at early learning centers in the network
● Use fundraising from local efforts to increase capacity of locally funded seats
● Increase awareness of early learning centers in the Webster Network
● Provide more opportunities for parents to become knowledgeable of Webster Early
Childhood Ready Start Network

○ Promote Webster Ready Start Network website
○ Host virtual parent awareness meetings through ZOOM to provide information
about our coordinated enrollment
○ Extend enrollment period & increase access to our coordinated enrollment

○ Funds to support additional Birth-3 students, which include support for certified
personnel, Tier I curriculum, and professional development for teachers
○ Data from LDOE on unserved children in Webster Parish

Goal 2:

● Professional Development on curriculum provided by vendors
● Local job embedded coaching provided twice per month
● Professional Development on Classroom Assessment Scoring System (CLASS) through
MMCI classes
● Secure materials and resources needed through grant funds to help teachers and staff
promote high quality experiences for the children
● Ensure materials are utilized and accessible to students in classrooms

○ Implement high quality Tier 1 curriculum
○ Maintain a strong working relationship with NSU Child Care Resource &
Referral Agency for training and coaching needs.
○ Use existing financial support through early childhood grants and Title I funds to
support quality professional development and training of teachers and
administrators in the Network.
■ Making the Most of Classroom Interactions (MMCI)
■ Infant, Toddler & PreK (instructors from NSU Child and Family Network)
■ CLASS Observer Reliability training

○ Provide continued buy in from program partners to provide high quality
professional learning opportunities to staff
○ Analyze overall performance profile data that separates scores from previously
combined Webster/Claiborne data to address current performance profile needs of
Webster network.

Goal 3:

Promote Webster Ready Start website
● Invite community members to become a part of our Advisory Council
● Utilize social media for Coordinated Enrollment, outreach, community involvement and
branding the Webster Ready Start Network
● Host multiple virtual parent meetings at different times

○ Modified annual coordinated enrollment efforts with program partners
○ Implemented a new digital plan to launch Online Registration
○ Utilized Ready Start Network funds to hire a web designer to create and maintain
a webpage for the network

○ New strategies to market families
○ Increased community support through local partnerships

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